What better way to enhance your Marquis® hot tub experience than with a few fun spa accessories?

If no other hot tub dealers in Warminster, PA have ever told you about the wide selection of Marquis® hot tub accessories available to you, then we are glad to have the honor of introducing you to a variety of accessories that will compliment your hot tub perfectly. From steps, and storage to wrap around towel bars, Marquis®  has the accessories you need to transform your hot tub into a personal paradise.

Soak Your Worries Away

Send your body on a relaxing journey to deep hydration with our Marquis® MicroSilk® option. MicroSilk® offers real, tangible anti-aging benefits to users by surrounding your entire body with micro-bubbles that work to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Instead of paying for expensive, invasive medical procedures, you can soak the worries of a long day away while also improving your body’s circulation and cellular regeneration.

Protect Your Investment

A hot tub cover may not seem like an impressive improvement but with a DuraCover® from Marquis®, you can not only protect your hot tub investment but also keep your energy bill in check. The Marquis® DuraCover® hugs your hot tub to create a fitted seal that prevents it from losing heat. In addition to keeping your energy bills at bay, the DuraCover® helps to keep debris, bugs, dirt, and other nuisances out of your hot tub. One of the most important features of the DuraCover® is its safety lock. This feature allows you to lock your hot tub so that you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your children and pets won’t sneak into the water unattended.

Make Life Easier

You love your Marquis® hot tub but what if it had corner benches or extra shelving? Well, you no longer have to fantasize about upgrading your hot tub, you can create a custom environment that fits your unique needs. The custom environment modules from Marquis® are crafted using the most durable weather resistant materials that can easily withstand Mother Nature’s unpredictability. You can start out small or build everything at once, but no matter how you chose to upgrade your Marquis® hot tub, you can trust that it will be built to last.

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