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Delivering the Ultimate Hot Tub Experience

Made in America with a Commitment to Quality, Reliability and Energy-Efficiency

Bucks County Hot Tubs presents Marquis Spas

Hot Tubs Made in USAHandcrafted in the USA in the heart of Oregon and dedicated to energy efficiency and green initiatives, Marquis makes the most attractive and therapeutic hot tubs in the industry. Marquis hot tubs offer advanced hydrotherapy and powerful performance with features to enhance relaxation and pamper with options from drink holders and interior safety lighting to Bluetooth connections, docking and premium speakers.

The Marquis Difference

Founded in 1980, Marquis is an employee-owned company with a reputation for engineering hot tubs with beautiful esthetics as well as extremely durable materials:

  • DuraShell
    This high-impact acrylic interior stands up to the elements to resist cracking, fading and blistering.

  • DuraWood
    This wood-grained exterior is formed of UV resistant synthetic material to retain its like-new appearance and resist water damage, scratches and dents.

  • DuraBase
    This steel-reinforced base is formed of a solid sheet of high-impact, textured acrylic that won’t fail or need repainting over time.

  • With Marquis’ Owner’s Protection Plan, you are covered by one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.

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Make a Wish and Marquis with Bucks County Hot Tubs

Marquis and Make-A-Wish® team up to help wish kids find relief in the soothing water of a hot tub or swim spa. Marquis has granted nearly 700 hot tub and swim spa wishes for children with life-threatening medical conditions. In honor of their partnership with Make-A-Wish, Marquis has created The Wish Hot Tub and donates $25 to Make-A-Wish for every Wish hot tub purchased.

Make a Wish and Marquis with Bucks County Hot Tubs

Marquis is Obsessed with Clean Water

Marquis’ proprietary water management system, ConstantClean, has changed water management with:

  • SmartClean
    This filtration system make water management carefree and easy.

  • Marquis Ozone System
    This exclusive ozone system destroys unwanted elements 3000 times faster than sanitizer alone.

  • In-Line Sanitation System
    This system uses natural minerals and bromine cartridges to treat your water so it’s safe and clean without unpleasant odors or skin irritation.

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Marquis Spas Constant Clean Bucks County Hot Tubs

Discover the Perfect Portable Hot Tub to Fit Your Lifestyle

Marquis portable hot tubs are designed to provide you with The Ultimate Hot Tub Experience! Aside from refined beauty, each spa features advanced hydrotherapy and powerful performance.

Marquis Signature Series Bucks County Hot Tubs
Marquis Signature Series Bucks County Hot Tubs

A Marquis Signature Series Hot Tub from Bucks County Hot Tubs is pure relaxation. Whether you want to soothe sore muscles or are just seeking escape from the daily grind, enhance your physical, mental and emotional well-being with a Signature Series Hot Tub.

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Marquis Vector21 Series Bucks County Hot Tubs
Marquis Vector21 Series Bucks County Hot Tubs

With optimized flow technology and innovative controls, Marquis Vector21 Hot Tubs from Bucks County Hot Tubs feature powerful performance. Delivering maximized flow and significant hydrotherapy benefits, its directional Jetpods provide deep muscle massage.

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Marquis E-Series Bucks County Hot Tubs
Marquis E-Series Bucks County Hot Tubs

With ergonomically calibrated seating and hydrotherapy systems engineering, Marquis e-Series Hot Tubs from Bucks County Hot Tubs are built for enjoyment. The e-Series offers standard features such as SmartClean filtration, e-zone hydrotherapy and more. 

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The Show Marquis Signature Series Hot Tubs
Marquis Celebrity Series Bucks County Hot Tubs

Submerge yourself in hydrotherapy with a Marquis Celebrity Hot Tub from Bucks County Hot Tubs. With LED lights, a Motown audio system and soothing waterfall, a Celebrity Hot Tub will play a leading role in your life whether you want to relax alone or party the night away.

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Discover the Marquis Hot Tub that defines your style! 

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