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Bucks County Hot Tubs Presents the Celebrity Series

The Vegas

The Show Marquis Signature Series Hot Tubs

7 Person Hot Tub
50 Jets
Double Pumps

The Vegas Hot Tub’s unique seating positions provide comfort for seven people and include two deep therapy seats, two side seats, one mid-level seat, a cool down/entry step and a super deep soak seat to get you submerged in hydrotherapy.

The Hollywood

The Show Marquis Signature Series Hot Tubs

6 Person Hot Tub
45 Jets
Great Value
Dual Pump Therapy

With room for six The Hollywood has a laid-back lounge with neck to leg jets, two deep full back therapy seats, two bucket seats and a high therapy seat. A soothing waterfall adds to the ambiance as do the LED lights and the optional Motown audio system with MP3.

The Broadway

The Show Marquis Signature Series Hot Tubs

4 Person Hot Tub
28 Jets
Leg Therapy
Deep Seats

The creative seating of The Broadway features a wraparound seat for two, a seat with fantastic leg therapy, a deep seat for total back therapy plus two more seats. Includes plug-n-play system, waterfall, LED lights and Motown audio system with MP3 dock.

The Napa

The Show Marquis Signature Series Hot Tubs

5 Person Hot Tub
15 Jets

A modern spin on the classic round hot tub, The Napa, at 76″ round x 34″ high comfortably seats six people. It features five therapy seats in multiple heights and a cool down/entry step, plus 15 soothing jets including footwell jets and plug-n-play system.

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The Vegas