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Whether you require relaxation, hydrotherapy, quality time, or entertainment, at Bucks County Hot Tubs you’re sure to discover the perfect portable hot tub to fit your individual lifestyle.

Our History

In 2002, Bucks Count Hot Tubs launched as a hot tub service company offering expert repair, maintenance, renovation and relocation services for all make and model hot tubs in Bucks County and surrounding areas.

As Bucks County Hot Tubs grew and gained a strong reputation for outstanding service, customers began asking for recommendations on where to buy the best hot tubs.

Founder Chuck Renfro soon discovered that many hot tub retailers were charging huge mark-ups on new hot tubs. This giant mark-up often rendered the average family unable to afford a quality hot tub on their budget. In 2010, Chuck set out to expand Bucks County Hot Tubs and offer top quality hot tubs at reasonable prices in addition to their repair, maintenance, renovation and relocation services.

Today, Bucks County Hot Tubs puts high quality hot tubs in reach of the average person by offering American-made Marquis® hot tubs at prices far below than anyone else in America!

What Sets Us Apart?

American-Made Quality Hot Tubs

Bucks County Hot Tubs offers hot tubs by Marquis®  an employee-owned company handcrafting hot tubs in the USA in the heart of Oregon and dedicated to energy efficiency and green initiatives.

Affordable Hot Tub Pricing

Bucks County Hot Tubs believes in affordability. Our competitors have huge mark-ups; we save you thousands! Our low overhead and reasonable pricing allow us to pass huge savings on to our customers.

Experienced Service & Repair

Besides selling Marquis Hot Tubs, the #1 rated brand in America, for less than anyone else, Bucks County Hot Tubs can maintain, service, repair and renovate all make and model hot tubs, spas and Jacuzzis!

Honest Hot Tub Appraisals

Bucks County Hot Tubs will provide you with an honest appraisal of your hot tub for repair, renovation, trade in or removal. We will NOT try and sell you a new hot tub if you don’t need a new hot tub!

Professional Hot Tub Relocation

Bucks County Hot Tubs has the expertise, the manpower and the proper equipment to ensure your hot tub’s relocation is smooth and safe whether it’s across your backyard or across town.

Guaranteed Pre-Owned Hot Tubs

Our pre-owned hot tubs come with a 90-Day Full Warranty! To get them as close to new as possible, they are fully inspected and tested for any issues as well as thoroughly cleaned and renovated with new parts.

What Our Customers Say

Chuck is a great guy who spent time with us. We bought a used hot tub and the service was excellent, quality even better on tub. Highly recommend.
Lisa Sinn
Great personality. Chuck is always willing to help and teach about your hot tub.
Kimberly Scott
Amazing service!!! Owner of the company  was very friendly and prompt.
Jasen Muto
Chuck knows everything there is to know about hot tubs. He comes out here and takes care of my hot tub, rain or shine, and is more than fair, honest and reasonable with his service fees. When I’m ready for a tub upgrade, I’ll be heading straight for Bucks County Hot Tubs!
Janet Ciaccia
The best in the area for hot tub service. I recommend him to all my friends with hot tubs. He’s friendly, knowledgeable, and prompt. Thanks Chuck.
Cecelia Scalfaro
Knowledgeable, professional, thorough, full-service, dependable, competitive pricing.
Maro DeLorenzo
I called Bucks County Hot Tubs to repair my 5-year-old tub. Other companies I have called tried to say it was not fixable and I needed to buy a new one. Chuck gave me my options and ended up repairing it for a very reasonable price! Definitely going to Chuck when I am ready for a new tub!
David Shapp
Chuck was very prompt with getting my tub fixed and gave me a much lower price than any other company. Definitely would recommend him over anyone else in the area. Will be back should any other problems with my tub arise. Thanks, Chuck!
Ashley Newman

Discover the new or pre-owned Hot Tub that defines your style! 

With refined beauty, advanced hydrotherapy and powerful performance, Marquis® hot tubs are designed to provide you with The Ultimate Hot Tub Experience!

Discover your perfect hot tub at Bucks County Hot Tubs!

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