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Full Hot Tub Service

To keep your hot tub, spa or Jacuzzi working in optimal condition, Bucks County Hot Tubs recommends a full hot tub service be performed twice a year: in early Spring and then again in the Fall. To get your hot tub ready for the cold winter months, we offer our Winterization service; and to get your hot tub ready for the new season, we offer Spring Spa Opening services.

Spring Opening Service

Reconnect all Pump and Heater Unions
Flush Out Anti-Freeze
Remove Debris
Clean and Scrub the Tub
Rinse Tub with Fresh Water
Replace Filter
Fill Tub with Fresh Water
Run System
Add Chemicals and Balance Water
Inspect for Leaks
Check all Systems for Proper Function
Full Report

Winterization Service

Check Operation of all Systems and Jets
Drain Water from Tub
Rinse Out the Tub
Pump Water from System
Take Apart Pump and Heater Unions
Remove and Inspect Filter
Remove and Inspect Diverter Valves
Blow Out Residual Water in System
Install RV Eco-Friendly Anti-Freeze in Jets, Pumps & Lines
Clean and Replace Cover
Disconnect from Power Supply
Full Report

Preventive Maintenance

Regular hot tub maintenance can prevent expensive repair bills and extend the life of your hot tub. In addition, regular cleaning eliminates the buildup of bacteria and other contaminates as well as keeps your spa running optimally. Bucks County Hot Tubs recommends routine maintenance and offers monthly service plans to keep your hot tub in good working order.

Routine Hot Tub Maintenance with Bucks County Hot Tubs

Routine Maintenance

Test Water
Add Chemicals
Balance Water Chemistry
Brush Water Line
Skim Surface
Adjust Water Level
Clean Filter
Clean Pump and Skimmer Baskets
Vacuum Hot Tub
Check Gaskets
Inspect Plumbing for Leaks
Make Recommendations

Repair & Replacement Parts

When your hot tub isn’t functioning, you need a qualified hot tub technician to ensure your repair is completed professionally to manufacturer’s specifications and in a timely manner. Bucks County Hot Tubs specializes in repairing pumps, heaters, electrical systems and more! Bucks County Hot Tubs will get your hot tub repaired and back up and running as soon as possible with genuine replacement parts for all hot tub makes and models at competitive rates.

A man performing hot tub repair service to a filter in New Hope, PA

Hot Tub Renovation

If you have an old hot tub that is not in good shape, a hot tub renovation by Bucks County Hot Tubs can bring it back to life! We can renovate and modernize your older hot tub by:

  • Adding a New Composite Wood Exterior

  • Cleaning and Polishing all Surfaces

  • Adding a New Cover with Lifter

  • Replacing the Control Panel with a Full Digital System

  • Replacing the Jets

  • Replacing Filter

  • And much more for added years of enjoyment!

Bucks County Hot Tub Renovation

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