What is an Marquis ATV™ Swim Spa?

Bucks County Hot Tubs offers a variety of Marquis ATV™ Swim Spas —top of the line swim spas that take traditional swim spas to the next level. ATVs, or aquatic training vessels, offer owners the opportunity to enjoy water therapy at home. Swim spas are perfect for people looking to improve their health or enjoy swimming any time of year. Let’s explore the health and cost benefits of these beautiful swim spas.

Marquis Swim Spas Benefits at Bucks County Hot Tubs

Health Benefits

Whether you’re looking to recover from an injury, relieve pain, or improve your health and fitness, a Marquis ATV™ Swim Spa can help you achieve your goals. Those who have suffered an injury or live with chronic pain can take advantage of the hydrotherapy capabilities swim spas offer.

Research shows that warm water therapy offers a number of health benefits to those who suffer from musculoskeletal conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, and lower back pain. Warm water is great for more than just relaxing, as it can also stimulate blood flow to stiff muscles and reduces the forces of gravity on joints.

Swimming has been proven to be a great way to stay in shape and improve one’s cardiovascular health. Running or jogging in a Marquis ATV™ Swim Spa can also help you get in shape without putting wear and tear on your knees. Swim spas also allow you to feel the burn by engaging in activities such as rowing, walking, resistance band training, and lap swimming. If you’re looking to focus on your overall health, then you should add swim spa training to your fitness regimen.

Cost & Convenience

When it comes to cost and convenience, Marquis ATV™ Swim Spas outshine traditional swimming pools in both categories. From installation to maintenance, the cost of running a swim spa beats out swimming pools in every aspect. One beneficial factor is that you’ll spend less money heating your swim spa than a pool due to the swim spa’s ability to reuse heat and its thermal barrier cover which reduces heat loss.

Another factor that makes swim spas stand out from traditional swimming pools is the fact that you can enjoy swims spas all year long. If you want to enjoy a nice swim in the middle of February in Pennsylvania, you can in the comfort of a swim spa since they can be heated to the perfect temperature any time of the year. If lack of space is holding you back from installing a swimming pool, then a swim spa can be your solution. With Marquis ATV™ Swim Spas, you won’t have to tear up your backyard to enjoy your swimming pool regimen.

Our hot tub showroom located in Bucks County, PA, has a variety of Marquis ATV™ Swim Spas that will fit both your leisure and fitness needs. At Bucks County Hot Tubs, we offer the best hot tub deals in Bucks County, PA, so give us a call today at 267-214-2430 for more information.