Congratulations! You’ve decided to get a hot tub. Well, you’ve at least agreed that you might buy a hot tub; but you’re definitely going out this weekend to Bucks County Hot Tubs to check out some hot tub models.

The only thing is, though, is that you feel like you’re not quite sure what you should be looking for. You know that hot tubs come in different shapes and colors and whatnot, but aside from that, you can’t help thinking that you’re shooting in the dark.

So, we at Bucks County Hot Tubs have put together a quick list of some features to ponder on and consider as you browse some of our hot tub models this weekend:

1) Hot Tub Function

Hot Tub models V150 Swim Spa & Party Vessel

Before you think about anything else, consider your main reason for purchasing a hot tub. Recreation? Fitness? Maybe you’re getting a hot tub for medical reasons, or for stress management.

The purpose of the tub will determine the sorts of features to keep an eye out for. A hot tub designed with fitness in mind may be equipped with built-in exercise equipment. A tub meant purely for enjoyment and recreation will often be large enough to accommodate a bigger group of users. Hot tub models built for hydrotherapy will give you more control over the intensity of the jets, and will often be lower in height to ease entry and exit.


2) Hot Tub Location

Next, figure out where you would like to set up your hot tub. An outdoor hot tub will need to be sturdy enough to stand up to the temperature and climate year-round and will need to have the appropriate thermal properties to function well. If indoors, make sure that the tub you select won’t be too big to fit through your home’s doors and hallways.

Also, make sure that your tub will have a level surface. Every tub, whether indoors or out, will need to have a flat, solid, level surface to serve as its base, and will need to be conveniently located for water and power.


3) Hot Tub User Experience

Before making a final decision, give your hot tub of choice a test drive by sitting in it yourself first. You could even make arrangements with your dealer to use with water in it; this is actually quite common, and can be easy to accommodate. This way, you’ll have a feel for whether or not you’ll be comfortable in the hot tub models you’re considering, allowing you to remain fully at ease with your selection.

Interested in learning more tips and suggestions on what to look for in a hot tub? Contact Bucks County Hot Tubs today by giving us a call at 267-214-2430.